Yang Lulu
Protest in the Post-human age

Thesis Supervisor: Chaw Chih Wen

Site: Nathan Road, Hong Kong

"A control is not a discipline. In making Highways, for example, you don't enclose people but instead, multiply the means of control. I am not saying that this is the Highway's exclusive purpose, but that people can drive infinitely and 'freely' without being at all confined yet while still being perfectly controlled. This is our future."


Two regimes of Madness, Gilles Deleuze (2006)

If information highway becomes the powerful tool of control, will it be turned to resist power?


Taking the recent protest in Hong Kong as the backdrop, the project speculates a future where the image of freedom is key to Hong Kong's survival. The agency is distributed back to all stakeholders in the city through the information highway. The collective sentiments are expressed through the aesthetics of the urban fabric.

Street in the Sky

The Pasir Panjang power district would be conserved with the intention of retaining the embodied energy, the sense of place and the character of the site, while staying true to the vision of the masterplan.

Nathan Road located at the densest neighbourhood of Hong Kong, It is also where the most protest took place. Nathan Road connects the heartland of Hong Kong with the Tsim Sha Tsui, where the conflicts between protest and daily life confront and co-exists.


Protest turns city thoroughfare into gathering place


Canvas is where remenants of protest created by protesters.

Cell Site

Cell Sites are source of Internet

The Wall

Returning the agency back to stakeholders through redistributing the internet

To construct the wall it requires two sets of intervention, The first requires prominent structures that set as the framework to control the signal input, the second intervention is to install devices that allow different stakeholders to have control over the signal.

Mongkok stage tend to be more violent and intense, the close proximity to prince Edward station, a memorial and Mongkok Pedestrian bridge, a Lennon wall sparks a lot of tensions.

Mongkok Stage

Park lane stage usually host gatherings that are more celebratory, events such as protest concert was held several times here. 

Park Lane Stage

With the existing city fabric, Structure at 120m are constructed, parallel to the maximum height cell tower can reach. A 15m commercial street is created with direct vertical access to the ground level. 

Commercial and residential blocks are built, they hang down from the commercial street, while the high level is mirroring the street level, the office and residential tower is a reflection of the existing building along Nathan Road. Creating the city with a street in the sky. 

Shop @ L2

A 120m structure served as a framework to control signal input along Nathan Road. All stakeholders are allocated with a "Vote", which is closely linked to their position in the city. The residents, the office workers, the shop keepers and the tourists are given the freedom to express their views. Just like the kind of democracy that everyone was talking about.


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