Sun Weichen
FASHION X: The new relationship of fashion industry in NYC

Thesis supervisor: A/P Joseph Lim

As a fashion capital, New York is holding various fashion events every year. Thus, there are huge fashion industry chain in NY, meanwhile, with the development of related businesses and the advancement of science and technology, they are all under transconformation now. The site is located in the central area of these functions, it has the unique advantages of integrating resources and creating new fashion models.


Therefore, the project hopes to use the fashion-related industry as the main direction of inquiry, combined with the understanding of fashion and architectural elements, to explore the architectural model that adapts to the new fashion development trend. Aiming at rediscover the potential of urbanity related qualities.

The project use new space arrangement to help fashion related programs combine together, in order to invent and explore new ideas from isolated innovation to open innovation.


The proposed system is to not only shorten the physical distance between different businesses, but to promote collaboration between the public, designers and researchers by integrating them through urban events by creating different sharing spaces between functions in atriums.


Located in the Chelsea district of New York City, between 9th and 10th Avenue, which the highline located. Surrounded by bus stations and citi bike stations, it is convenient to be accessed. The southern side of the site is Chelsea park,

ensuring good lighting and views. As the plot ratio for the two blocks in site is 10 and 5, the proposed floor area is 225000sqm. Meanwhile, the site is close to FIT, garment district and art district.

Key Structures and Spaces




The sectional perspectives reveal the spatial relationship between different functions, from the roof top venues and the extension of high-line to the interior atrium spaces, the atrium spaces undertake the various of event spaces and help

build connection between designers, publics, scientists, etc. It shows an example of how the whole industry can be stitched in the future.


Various of venues and exhibition spaces help different people communicate better and get inspired easier.