Tang Jia-Yi Rachel
ANEW: Re-Introducing Pasir Panjang Power District

Thesis Supervisor: A/P Joseph Lim

In Singapore, some of the best coastline sites have been reserved for industrial purposes, i.e. energy generation and portyard infrastructure. Given the vantage and position of Pasir Panjang Power District, it poses new opportunities to revitalise and once again arise as a bustling urban center. Transforming isolated industrial buildings, the new urban scape

strings together a network of repurposed shells, layering the old and the new which gives rise to a new form of appreciation for the previously decommissioned structures. In tangent with the larger goals of city re-urbanisation, this urban center densifies and diversifies, enriching the social, cultural and natural elements in an integrated way.

Proposed Masterplan for Pasir Panjang Power District

Mapping layers of site information helped to inform the factors driving the design at the masterplan level. Firstly, to connect the greens adjacent and to the larger city via green spaces and connectors. Secondly, to tap on the frontage of the waters as a promenade integrated with the greens and

maximising its function as a ferry terminal for logistics as well as a proposed water taxi stop for tourists coming in from the waterfront. Thereby informing the feasibility of having a museum housing large scale exhibits such as the navy and maritime ships and crafts in Power Station A as my main building design.

Key Structures and Programme

The programs were informed through the drawing up of floor plans and modelling of the existing structures on site. With reference to other case studies with similar floor plan shapes and proportions. It was then decided

upon, what would best fit these structures, while considering the masterplans goals.

Main Building Key Space

This cross sectional perspective reveals the spatial relationship across the museum building, from the public park connectors through the exterior interface, meets the interior servant and service spaces and flows back out

upon, what would best fit these structures, while considering the masterplans goals.

Acknowledgement and Note to Self

This thesis journey has been a fruitful one in opening up perspectives in many ways possible. Mindset changes, being flexible and adaptable are all part of this process. I would like to thank Dr. Joseph Lim, all guest critiques, and the many close friends and loved ones who have supported me in this journey one way or another.


To what’s ahead, all the best Rachel Tang. Do what you love, love what you do.