Lisa Han Fengyi
The Social Transit

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ruzica Bozovic Stamenovic

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To propel Singapore into a First World economy, the government’s strive for affluence gave priority to efficiency when planning for the city. However as a result to that, it has also facilitated a fall in the nation’s social well being, cultivating Singaporean’s individualistic mind set today. To ameliorate social decay in the society, public spaces should demonstrate a balance between both efficiency and vibrancy through integrating societal and individual needs to cultivate the importance of collectiveness in the country.



This thesis aims to look at how we can progress from a First World economy to a First World society through redefining contemporary public spaces with digital technologies as a new typology for public space generation. The main goal is to cultivate positive change towards the individualistic mind-set among Singaporeans that will help ameliorate social decay in our society as the nation approaches the age of decadence.