Kelilah Ho Jing Rong
A Harvest of Waste

Thesis Supervisor: ​Dr. Ho Puay Peng

Site: Punggol Digital District

A Harvest of Waste is an architectural thesis development, that is designed to address the issue of electronic waste. The creation of electronic waste lies heavily on the unsustainable consumer culture that capitalism promotes and exacerbates. This thesis strives to answer the questions of why and how the waste stream is projected to grow from 50 million tonnes in 2018 to 120 million tonnes by 2050.  

This thesis posits that the crux of the issue lies in a social condition that encourages a throw-away culture, working in tandem with the poor practices of the technology sector, whose profits are driven by planned obsolescence. It is therefore imperative to redefine our relationship with electronic waste and our consumption habits. 

Architecture Premise

Summary of issues and the derivative solutions which anchor the programmatic proposal.

A Harvest of Waste - Fly Through
Sunken Complex

A Harvest of Waste is semi-sunken architectural complex proposing an integrated architectural approach to create dialogues about our consumption habits and challenge ingrained societal perceptions on waste. 

Exhibition Hall

Showcase of products developed from the makerspaces

Interior Views

Architectural Analysis