Jiang Wenhuan
Cultured Regression

Thesis Supervisor: A/P Tan Shee Tiong

Site: Ya Long Bay, Sanya, China

How architecture can save humanity?


The biggest threat to humanity has always been ourselves. History has shown us that as the boundary of our capability expands, so do our arrogance, ignorance & greed, destroying the planet & killing each other.


To humble ourselves & to achieve a balanced and harmonious world, ancient Chinese philosophy, I Ching, advocates the pursue for ‘Unity between Human & Nature’, a process to seek peace with nature & with each other.

‘Cultured Regression’, is a residential community prototype that explores for ways to construct without destruction & for huamn & nature to co-existence with one another. Mondrian’s paintings explored for a universal formal language, they provided the answer to combine ‘structure’ with ‘nature’. The architecture is a modular structure that slots and expands into the negative spaces in a forest wherever possible, structured in respect with the rules & structure of the forest, while providing comfortable living spaces for human. The immersion in tranquillity & constant interaction with nature will eventually lead to enlightenment in the human soul, to live our life in a humbled and respectful manner.