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CARA 365 (Curating Alleviating Refreshing Architecture)

Thesis Supervisor: Tomohisa Miyauchi

Curating Alleviating Refreshing Architecture, 365 Designs

Background to CARA 365:

Globalization has resulted in a world in which much of society live in a highly stressful environment intertwined with the volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Overworked with little time to rest and recuperate,  introspective questions haunt our mind causing us to feel insecure, insufficient, and inadequate. As a result we question our identity, our purpose and sense of belonging in a VUCA world. As these anxieties when left unaddressed would lead to panic and poor mental health. There is therefore a need to nip these in the bud.


CARA 365:

An Eco-system, Experience and Handbook of empowerment

It unlocks creativity and brings CARA to any individual



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CARA 365 Eco-system

CARA 365 Ecosystem is a harmonious synthesis of architecture that comprises intentionally curated spaces designed with 24 hr/ 7 days stress and anxiety alleviating atmospheres. Together, they would provide for a 24 hr/ 7 days of refreshing environment within the eco system.


The CARA 365 Eco system is the collection of architecture groups comprising: homes, malls, community areas, eldercare centres, library, and play areas etc.


The Eco system seeks to provide a refreshing environment for immediate users as well as to alleviate their stress and anxiety.

Selected designs from the CARA’s collection form the program grouping curated with users preference at the core.


The slide show above shows 4 examples of such a program oriented grouping namely:


1. Home grouping

2. Work and rest grouping

3. Community area grouping

4. Elder home grouping.

CARA 365 Eco-system

An illustrated view of the CARA 365 Eco-system where the 4 examples of program orieted groupings relate to various other groups that surround them. These groups form the CARA 365 Eco-system which provides the 24 hr / 7 days alleviating and refreshing environment 

CARA 365
Handbook and Hexboard

The CARA 365 Experience uses the CARA 365 Handbook and Hex-board to empower any individual to personalize their environment and develop their own unique stress alleviating architecture customized to their own preferences and adapted for their own specific environment.

CARA 365 Handbook:
The 3 Fold Approach

The CARA 365 Handbook takes a 3-fold approach in helping you unlock your creativity through:


Visual imagination from highly detailed textured drawings.


Poems that serve as springboards to other ideas, and finally


Personal preference that resonates with certain characteristics of the design.


The symbols highlight the three key attributes of the curated atmospheric space and act as quick links for easy identification to primary senses and atmospheric dimensions employed. It opens the door to other design options that might produce similar effect.

CARA 365 Experience:
Using the Handbook and Hexboard

The hexboard set comprises of 365 design on cards and a hex board. Here we observe Person A using the handbook to select his or her top 8 designs. Person A arranges them on  the grid to better plan the relationships between the selected designs to curate his or her own ecosystem.


More than one board may be collectively used to facilitate the integration of multiple program groupings. This facilitates participatory planning.

CARA 365 Experience:
Summary of CARA 365

In essence each of the 365 designs is curated with a unique scenario, the Basic elements of atmosphere were treated holistically in curating the scenarios.


These scenarios were conceived in categorized spaces to help in contextualizing application to site and program.


As the reader browses through the designs, he or she may find themselves immersed into the scenarios as a result of the highly detailed drawings.


It refreshes them, as well as to unlock their imagination and creativity.

CARA 365

A sample size of 30 individuals were selected for the second validation about CARA 365 experience. Each of these individuals come from various walks of life. They were tasked to choose 8 out of the 365 designs to form their Ideal Home scenario for themselves and to explain the reason for their selection.


From the study there were a total of 130 unique designs that were selected which is 36% of the total collection of designs.


This shows that the 365 designs do resonate with the readers.

CARA 365 Design Story

The following video documents the design journey of CARA 365 from the conceptualization to the field test and the development of the handbook.


The back story, development photos and announcement on the upcoming printing of CARA 365 handbook and the hexboard development to compliment the handbook will be announce on the Facebook page.

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