Cheung Hon Lun

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ruzica Bozovic Stamenovic

Transience Alterity

In Ayn rand’s book The Fountainhead (Rand 1943, 2005, Centennial ed.), she presented two dichotomic characters, Peter Keating, the Conformist, and Howard Roark, the unyielding individualist. She presented them as mutually exclusive ways of leading life. The conformist surrenders individuality and self to achieve material comfort, safety, and other symptoms of happiness while the individualist have to fight the world to save his sense of self.


The current culture is one of reified consumerism. Those who conforms will find comfort, safety, and other symptoms of happiness. Those who do not, will find the world hostile, oppressive, and devoid of opportunities to thrive. 

The thesis proposes an alterity where individuals with uncompromising ideas can realise those ideas. People of similar dispositions can come together to self-realise, self-actualise, and enrich themselves.


This facility is meant to be an incubator where individuals with a passion for their work can thrive and sustain themselves. For individuals to, through their work, achieve post materialist goals like self-actualisation, self-realisation. For individuals looking for an adventure.

“Freedom is something quite different from rejection of relations or immunity of the individual sphere from adjacent spheres – not only in function described, but also in its contents. This is suggested by the simple recognition of the fact that man does not only want to be free but wants to use his freedom for some purpose.”


Georg Simmel, The Sociology of Georg Simmel (Simmel 1950, 121)

Downtown Singapore is hosts mostly a transient population who commutes to and from the heartlands in a repetitive rhythm of the work week.

Downtown Singapore is hosts mostly a transient population who commutes to and from the heartlands in a repetitive rhythm of the work week.

Sector 1
Chinatown Historic Area

The sector along Chinatown is flanked by Low rise shophouses, and a high density HDB. Most of the residents in this zone are elderly locals. The idea is to create an atmosphere to attract these people into the spine. Intensity of special activity is low, 2 pod interfaces in between 2 mounts. The tops of the mounts are connected via meandering garden paths.

Sector 2
Chinasquare Nightlife District

This mid-section near China square is where young people hang out at night. This section of the spine houses a rock-climbing wall that extends out into the open space below.  The wall acts as a vertical interface, on upper level, a path is created that links to the spires further down the spine.  Along the path, hanging birdcages structures that holds small open-air discussion spaces and planter boxes.

Sector 3
Central Business District

Towards the CBD, the intensity of the activity ramps up. Tall spire structures are created to house 14 pods each. The spires also include permanent workshop spaces for projects that require a larger space to assemble. The pods serving an auxiliary role in the manufacture of prototypes, parts, designs, etc.