Chan Su Lin
Nanny-Inc – The Hub for Parents

Thesis Supervisor: A/P Thomas Kong

In Singapore, our supposed pragmatism is overruled in the face of the patriarchal notion of family – the exclusive heteronormative unit defined by authorities. However, in 2050 when projected fertility rates pummel to 0.5, this notion will become overridden by the hyper-pragmatic goal of increasing fertility rates. A government-linked corporation, Nanny-Inc is set up within Punggol, the current baby-town, tapping on existing baby-friendly facilities and the future market, it will provide a range of solutions that would liberalise and ease the process of becoming and being a parent.

Envisioned as a one-stop hub, this is where both parents and future parents

can find a range of services from purchasing and implanting gametes, creating family structures, buying breast milk to grooming their child. The building will serve as a vital thoroughfare between Sam Kee LRT and Punggol Waterway – allowing for the purchasing of gametes from The Bid Zone to Vendin-Gamete to become a spectacle for pedestrians.



Nanny-Inc is the hyper-pragmatic realisation of a state desperate to improve fertility rates, whereby the traditional notions of family and sanctity of life are simply reduced for the ease and convenience of access to these services.

Purchase the Perfect Gamete

From forming families to browsing, trying and purchasing gametes, Nanny-Inc provides the comprehensive way to getting your perfect gamete.


FAM-BUILDER - mingling zone for would-be parents to form families


GAL/GUY-METE - browsing of gametes categorised into various characteristics


TRY-PODS - private pods to test out compatibility of gametes


VENDIN-GAMETE - collection point to pick up chosen gamete

Safeguard Your Gametes

From extracting, to testing, sorting and implantation, Nanny-Inc has the most efficient and safe services for the world’s most precious cells.


FERTILITY ASSESSOR - comprehensive review of fertility health


TEST & SORT LABS - testing for genetic disorders, then sorting them into various price points based on quality of genes


IMPLANT LABS & ROOM, RENT-A-WOMB - culturing and growing of embryos

Perspective from Sam Kee LRT

Pedestrians use the main atrium space as a thoroughfare, with the Cryo-Bank and Bid Zone that creates the spectacle of purchasing, depositing and retrieving gametes. Upon entrance, The Bid Zone is the first space they encounter where the raucous, low-level bidding of average gametes occur.

Sectional Perspective A-A’

Lower floors are kept for services and programmes for the general public to shop and browse whilst higher floors are dedicated to more private medical services. The shape of the roof channels wind into the cryo-columns: Cryo-Bank and Vendin-Gametes that are a feature space to the Gal/Guy-Mete and Try-Pods.


Parents can take a break by leaving their child(ren) here for any amount of time they like. Baby-Boarding offers a full-suite of educational and care services from art to dance, computer, dining and nap rooms to groom children whilst they have a fun experience.

Sectional Perspective B-B’

Sectional Perspective from the Sentul Cres road entrance shows the access to lifts and the double volume drop-off point that looks onto the atrium with the main cryo-bank and advertisements of services within Nanny-Inc displayed on it.