Anna Zhou Yue
Future Transport Reimaged 2040

Thesis Supervisor: Mr. Hans Brouwer

Site: Near Tengah

My thesis proposes a new transport  network that will be able to solve many of today’s transport problems, and a subsequent design of a prototype for a future transport hub.


New Transport Network

Our city is infested with transport problems: congested MRT lines, limited bike parking spaces, a rising cycling population, areas left out by MRT lines, and expensive MRT expansion...We will be in urgent need of a new transport network and a new set of transport hubs that caters to these changing needs.

Opportunities: It’s projected that by the year 2040, autonomous  cars will take on 80% of the market share, traffic volume on the roads will be reduced by half. Increasing number of people will be using Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs).


New Transport Hub:

The design focus of a future transport hub will be shifted from achieving mere efficiency to creating a more holistic experience that include seamless transfer, comfortable shopping experience and enjoyable place of public activities. Moreover, it will no longer be restricted to pedestrians only, but also to welcome the disabled people and people using other forms of PMDs to enter the building and enjoy the public spaces surrounding it. How will it be like?

A Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over A Lazy Dog
Proposed Autobus Network

By the year 2040, one third of existing road space will be freed up due a rising autonomous car market. Therefore,  I will be able to use  one lane of the existing network of expressways  to create an autobus network. It will feature a priority lane, operate at high frequency and  high speed, serving as an alternative to MRT network.


First of all, it’s about seamless transport. Secondly it’s about place-making Thirdly, it’s about rethinking of  the relationship between movement, form and functions.

Here is an animation showing how the programmes and form are established based on my prototype.


Structure-wise, it takes the same form as the circulation. An inspiration is from the Danish pavilion where it’s constructed using a self-supporting volumetric steel truss structure. I therefore also capitalize on the self-supporting nature of steel truss.