Amanda Chng Kai Lin
Edible Complex: Reimagining Toa Payoh as a Farming Community

Thesis supervisor: A/P Nirmal Kishnani

Site: Toa Payoh, Singapore

Singapore recently announced an ambitious goal of achieving 30% of home grown food for a growing population of 5.6 million by the year 2030. Many on-going works namely in the form of product and system design, often situate themselves at the fringes of Singapore like the Agrotech Park. In light of the recent pandemic and the rapid urbanisation of Singapore, is 30-by30 sufficient to meet our future needs? Or can we intensify the capacity of Singapore’s land for Food Security? 

This final design proposal elucidates the optimisation of Singapore’s built environment to maximize autonomy in food security by 2030. The core strategy aims to reduce mono-functional infrastructure spaces and to introduce more intensive farming closer to homes, within Singapore’s neighbourhoods. This scheme strikes a balance between an intensive system and an intimate neighbourhood fabric. Apart from considering engineered facilities to house intensive farming, Edible Complex also strives to recreate a friendly neighbourhood-farming landscape simultaneously, in hope of exceeding the current 30-by-30 goal.

A Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over A Lazy Dog

Designing for Intensity

One of the priorities is to achieve Intensity in food production. It is suggestive of the compact engineered system and typologies to be considered when it comes to accommodating different scales and type of farming.

A Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over A Lazy Dog

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