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The National University of Singapore, Masters of Architecture Class of 2020 is graduating and we are proud to share our works with all of you at our pilot online exhibition, Vision - M.Arch Grad Show 2020. This year's theme approaches the graduation show both literally and figuratively; as a stepping stone for networking, simultaneously as a representation of saplings, part of a larger network, dispersing into the working world albeit unprecedented circumstances. It draws a link to the outstanding, visionary thesis project topics broached by our students.


A hallmark celebration of architecture and architectural education, the show hopes to present the thesis projects as ideas from the freshest minds of young designers, adding to the existing body of knowledge – ideas that provoke, inspire and question architecture for the future. 

Curated and jointly organised by our graduating students themselves, the project topics cover a broad range of issues and categorised under the following headings:

  • Atmosphere & Agency

  • Conservation & Heritage

  • Urban Commons & Wellness

  • Speculative Environments

  • Performative Design

In its third iteration, the exhibition will feature master thesis works from some 120 graduate students. Through this series of creative and thought-provoking events and projects, we aim to showcase the range of experimental and radical thinking within the graduate course. The graduation show will not just include the main exhibition.

Released in tandem with the physical M.Arch Grad Book (a compilation of thesis projects and interviews with renown architects and educators), Zoom critique sessions and live student presentations, the series is aimed to showcase and reach out to both professionals and public.

The Gradshow Team 2020

Co-Heads: Yap Chee Keng, Tan Xin Yuan

Graphics & Design: Toby Fong, Howard Lee

Web Design & Logistics: Yang Fan

Exhibition Host: Sharne Sulaiman 

Publications: Marcus Liu, Claudia Cheng

Publicity: Hogen Salim, Timothy Ou

Publicity Sub-comm: William Tin, Yip Jing Wei

'Vision 2020 serves as a hallmark finale to an impactful 5-year journey. This two-part series serves as the fruit of the Class of 2020's labour ⁠— the graduation site and book serve as virtual and physical memorabilia; the pinnacle of our architectural education. Drastically different from previous versions of graduation shows due to the COVID-19 climate, it appears pretty apt that the Class of 2020, who has always been exposed to change ⁠— from benefiting from the restructured 13-project Year 1 syllabus, moving out of our treasured SDE building, to having our final year theses outside of the studio and subsequently virtually ⁠— showcases its works in this adapted format. Vision 2020 serves as a reminder to the graduating class, as individual saplings part of a larger network dispersing out into the working world, to always uphold the values of tenacity, diligence and resilience despite the circumstance, despite the roads we traverse ahead.

The focus of this year's edition does not solely lie in celebrating our exemplary thesis works, but also showcasing the myriad of memories and friendships forged inside and outside of studio, the lessons learnt on architecture and beyond. The show is a culmination of such bonds and would not be possible without the help of many people. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the NUS Department of Architecture, Dr Ho Puay Peng and Dr Joseph Lim for their help and support along the way, as well as to the group of dedicated, motivated individuals that make up the organising committee, for their effort and contribution amidst the busy thesis period and making all this possible.'


The Gradshow Team

M.Arch 2020

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