Aaron Tan Nam King
Creative Colosseum

Thesis supervisor: A/P Joseph Lim

Reconfigurable Collaborative Machine

New York City’s creative economy is world-renowned and core to the city’s global identity and brand. With the increasing demand of collaboration  in the creative sector, it calls for a need of a new model of transforming isolated innovation into open innovation that shows its high appreciation of ‘cityness’ features such as complexity, density, diversity of people and cultures (Sassen, 2005).


The project looks into the issues of the existing filmmaking, post production studios and interactive gaming businesses which are mostly small, isolated and retrofitted.

The proposed reworkings is to not only to provide a new and larger space for these businesses but to promote collaboration between the public and researchers by integrating the community through urban events by allowing its spaces to be flexible and reconfigurable to suit its endless collaborative possibilities.


The design also helps shorten the duration of filmmaking , scriptwriting and game development as the core researchers and developers are able to gain inspiration from the public engagement and jump start the scriptwriting process at any point of time.


The ground floor is designed to be porous by using the urban context of building footprints and roads to form the primary circulation through the design. Retail, interactive gaming arenas and main public promo spaces are situated on the ground floor acting as test bed areas to promote public engagement by drawing the public from street level  for the generation of ideas and inspiration for scriptwriters and producers on the upper floors.

With a direct visual connection to the exhibition space, the seminar rooms become an extension of the events that are happening around them. The exhibition space itself occupies the first storey hall and can be expanded vertically with multi-storey booths, improving connections with the conference spaces on the higher levels.

Site Response
Cutaway Axo
Programmatic distribution

The design’s approach is by placing the operational spaces on the peripheral of the main central void atrium space where all the main promo spaces are located. This promotes the public to engage with the  props and prototypes created from the research labs and studios by allowing them to test it before its is released into the market. Thus, creating a two way exchange and bond between scriptwriters and the public where the public is able to give feedback and inspiration for creators to improve a prototype or expedite the generation of new ideas for the creation of new content.

Programmatic configurations