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NUS M.Arch Show Team

The NUS M.Arch Show is a celebration of the tremendous body of work put forward by the graduating Master of Architecture cohort of 2021 in the National University of Singapore. While every student has produced an individual thesis of their own as a culmination of their architectural education, this year’s show loosely locates them into 5 Clusters, each with a different discourse within the discipline of architecture. With the theme of Intersections in mind, the clusters are not an act to segregate the collective body of thesis work, or worse, an act of fitting projects into boxes. Instead, by defining certain common threads within the theses, we wish to reveal the contrasts and similarities clearly, such that every project is seen in relationship to the next.

With the help of our peers, we have positioned their projects into 5 threads – Critical Architecture, History & Heritage, Sociopolitics & Geopolitics, Technologies, and Urbanism & Environments. Each thread or cluster positions the work within a specific framework that is relevant and contemporary, while holding a proposition for architecture to advance in a certain direction. This has necessitated a degree of reflection and curation of individual work from the respective authors, and we are grateful that our peers have obliged, in order to give the exhibition the depth that it requires.

We would also like to express our appreciation for the incredible effort put in by the M.Arch Show Committee to make this show possible. The Covid-19 pandemic have made planning this show an unforgiving and uncertain process, but despite that, our team was agile and resilient, always having the right attitude to make the show the best that it could be, such that we are proud to present it to you today.

We also owe our thanks to the school, especially to the teaching faculty who have guided us in our infant years in architecture. Our thanks are also extended to the school’s administrative team, for without whom our learning and this M.Arch Show would not have happened.

Finally, we thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy it along with the exhibition and events of the NUS M.Arch Show 2021.

Goi Yong Chern
Project Director (Exhibitions and Events)
Lee Lip Jiang
Project Director (Administration), Technologies Cluster Leader
Ong Chan Hao
Project Director (Publicity and Branding), Critical Architecture Cluster Leader
Felyncia Ng
Administration, History & Heritage Cluster Leader
Annabelle Lim
Sociopolitics & Geopolitics Cluster Leader
Emma Lau Siying
Events IC
Fong Shi Yuan
Urbanism & Environments Cluster Leader
Anders Ang Wei Li
Website IC
Ahmad Nazaruddin B Abdul Rahim
Publicities and Branding, Website Design
Loh Ying Ying
Website Design
Soh Ming Lun
Website Design
Matthew Lee Jin Young
Perrine Hoo Si Qi
Rachel Sim Jing Xi
Valarie Yap Tze Ling
Zhao Yue
Samuel Kam Ka Kit
Events, Publicities and Branding
Amelia Lim Jia Yi
Publicities and Branding
Zulkarnain Bin Mohd Zin
Publicities and Branding
Low Jo Ann
Publications and Editorial
Cai Hongyi
Publications and Editorial
Vivienne Kang Min
Publications and Editorial
Sih Chee Seng
Loo Quan Le
Logistics, Exhibition Design
Sim Wen Wei
Logistics, Exhibition Design
Choo Qing Yuan
Exhibition Design
Keith Tay Chi Fan
Exhibition Design
Chiang Zhi Han Kenneth
Exhibition Design