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Co-hesion! Rediscovering the new ways of connecting: Living and socialising in a (post-) digital age.

Mahmud Kamil bin Abdul Kadir

- Asst. Prof. Zdravko Trivic (Dr.)


With the rise of technological advancements and the internet over the past few decades, having a constant virtual connection has become a norm for society. As we progress towards utilising digital platforms such as social media as our primary mode of social interactions, it is necessary to maintain physical, social interactions. Without so, there are detrimental effects on our health and well-being. 


With the rising trend of independent lifestyles in a progressively digitalised Singapore, individuals may be able to live independently. However, this would, in return, limit physical, social interactions, furthering a cycle of Singaporeans to be a drift into our virtual bubbles.


Communal housing could provide individuals with a choice for independent living while maintaining Real-Life and Face-to-Face social connections in the digital age. As an up and coming smart nation, communal housing should be the dominant typology for individuals. It allows inhabitants to maintain living within individual virtual bubbles while retaining real-life social skills and social life.


Using metabolic materials and digital technology such as AR/VR and Holograms, they intend to be a catalyst towards social cohesion. The proposed communal housing community allows for the architecture and community to grow together organically. It plans to become both the underlaying structural foundation and act as a node to the future development of the Greater Southern Waterfront.

Supervisor's comments:

Technological advancements offer new means of communication while at the same time challenging and potentially deteriorating the “traditional” face-to-face interaction skills, leading towards isolation and impoverished psychological and social wellbeing. ‘Co-hesion!’ is a commendable design attempt of finding balance and synergy between the digital realm and the real-world interaction, public and private, individual and community, smart growth (through artificial intelligence, robotics and novel metabolic materials) and active community contribution and engagement. Situated at the Greater Southern Waterfronts, proposed co-housing infrastructural spine acts as a hub and catalyst for future smart development that is responsive, flexible and customisable at different scales.

- Asst. Prof. Zdravko Trivic (Dr.)
Mahmud Kamil bin Abdul Kadir

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